The Power Circuit Workout requires only 5 pieces of equipment.

A Power Workout for Everyone

A Power Workout for Everyone

A Power Workout for EveryoneA Power Workout for EveryoneA Power Workout for Everyone

Why Power?

Power is a combination of strength and speed. It is what makes a tennis ball, golf ball, softball, or volleyball go harder or farther. It is also what makes you jump higher. In their workouts, people generally train cardio, strength and flexibility. Power workouts are mostly done by high-level athletes. The rest of us, however, can benefit from power work as well. Why power?...

For Your Sport

Many people with strong legs cannot jump high and many with strong core muscles cannot hit a ball hard. These people need exercises which combine the element of speed with their strength to create the power needed to excel in their chosen activity.

For Your Stress

Each rep of each set of a power exercise needs to be done at 100% effort to be effective. In addition to the physical benefits, completing the Power Circuit Workout can be a way to release the stress and frustration life sometimes heaps upon us.

For Variety

Your body is efficient. It gets good at doing what you always do. If you feel your workouts have become stale or you have reached a plateau, adding power work may help you progress towards any of your fitness goals. Even if you are in really good shape, you will find that The Power Circuit Workout is a different kind of hard.

not the only workout you'll ever need

A Part of the Whole

A well rounded fitness program includes cardio, strength, flexibility, and power. Add one or two Power Circuit Workouts to your weekly routine.

Be Ready

The Power Circuit Workout should only be attempted by those who have a baseline level of fitness. You should have been doing strength training (especially core strength) and cardio before adding this power workout to your exercise routine.

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